Colloidal Silver Ceramic Water Filters

As the world's human population increases, the earth's limited supply of clean freshwater resources becomes increasingly stressed either by limited quantity and/or contamination from industrial pollution or human overpopulation. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important to develop strategies to protect the limited clean freshwater available as well as to have the capability to clean contaminated water for drinking purposes.

The colloidal silver ceramic water filter is not a new concept and is being manufactured by several organizations like: Ceramiques d'Afrique and Potters For Peace.

The filter is simply a porous earthenware flowerpot that is only bisqued and then coated with silver colloid to act as an anti bacterial agent. The porous earthenware pot is made from carefully screened (for uniformity) sawdust or other organic material mixed with clay and formed into an earthenware pot. The filters are bisqued at 500 degrees - a sufficient temperature to prevent them from breaking down in water ever again but suitable for allowing water to penetrate the pores and not the harmful bacteria.



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