Human Rights Curriculum as International Relations

International relations occur when people and cultures interact. In the best case, one develops a greater understanding of oneself and an appreciation of others.

This curriculum has three principal objectives:

(i) To realize differences:
To move from the realization of one's own differences to the
realization that we are all different.
(ii) To appreciate diversity:
To encourage curiosity rather than prejudice in viewing differences.
 (iii) To take responsibility:
To realize their relationship to the world so as to realize that
the problems once viewed as "outside" one's own parameters
are "inside" as well.

About the Curriculum:
Obviously the best way to study foreign cultures is to actually go to the country and live there. But, not everyone has this option open to them. Therefore, we can use “mock experience” curriculum to simulate the feeling of the foreign atmosphere so that children will be able to understand the feeling of the other person (the foreigner).

For more information about this curriculum please visit: www.projecth2o.org



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