Going back to China??

Well it seems as though I will be going back to China in the fall. It was interesting how really it was just luck that got me this opportunity. I was searching the web one day and came across a google ad about teaching in China and just for the interest of the ad (not interested in teaching at all) I clicked it to see what was available these days. Low and behold I found an ad that a friend of mine placed looking for English teachers on noticing the contact info and webpage I decided to contact just to keep in touch and the next day I recieved two emails one from my friend and nother from the dean of the foriegn languages department seeking a Japanese instructor. As it turns out my friend who also works at teh college put my name in to the dean who was desperately looking for a Japanese teacher. Well I send my CV off and attached a statement saying that I am only of Japanese decent with a degree in Japanese and they still want me to come. I'm quite surprised because this is the college that doesn't normally hire teachers between semesters.Well I must be in demand when jobs come after me rather than me going after the job. It's nice to be known half way around the world. Now if only I can get a job in my own birth country -- Canada sucks. At least I'll be closer to Tibet!
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