Teaching English in Asia

I've found myself once again half-way around the world teaching English as a Second Language. Where? Taiwan. In a smaller city, Taiping, Taizhong province in central Taiwan. Yes, I have always liked and still love teaching -- especially children but as a Japanese-American I am realizing more and more how Asian foriegn language teachers, especially those teaching English are not are not wanted here in Asia.

Last year, I spent a year in mainland China where I encountered a rather unfortunate experience of being told to leave later I learned it was discrimination. Perhaps being fired was the greatest thing that ever happeneed to me - if it wasn't so I would never have seen more of China. Most people will say - that's China, but that isn't true. It happens anywhere and everywhere, even Taiwan, Japan, or Canada. The world image of a "typical" English instructor seems to be defined in the minds of many and further propagated through the media, radio, TV, and the internet. I really do dislike the term but for the lack of a better word it really is a "WHITE" world out there. The sad thing is, the majority of those English teachers -- "White, blonde, blue eyed" either brag about how easy it is to get a job here and/or accept this discrimination openly.

For more information on teaching in Asia, lesson plans or cross-cultural curriculum please visit: www.projecth2o.org


Blogger Kelvin said...

Kia Ora (Hello) from a blogger down under in New Zealand. It's the same not only in the countries you mentioned, but the world over - even in New Zealand.

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Blogger Omni said...

Hello from America!! :-)

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