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Once again I made a trip to the dentist. I have to say if there is one thing I am getting my moneys worth in Taiwan then it must be my dental care. I have had a total of five visits for three fillings, two wisdom teeth pulled, and recently a filling replaced. Fortunately, I only had two wisdom teeth so I never have to go back again. It sure is nice to have good dental care but I wonder even for Taiwan how long it will last. I do not believe that something is forever when it comes to social services. We see one of the few countries in the world ? Canada that still has free medical but with an increase in private hospitals springing up and government cut backs I wonder how long it will last. Dental care in Canada (in certain provinces, I think) has been covered by Medicare but has been cut along with many other services. How long will Taiwan�fs Medicare continue to fund dental care? I see a lot of private clinics in Taiwan and I wonder if it is a sign that social safety net cut backs are approaching.


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