EM Ceramics

Blogging from Halifax International Airport. Aside from the set backs of trying to keep this blog updated and cleaned up after a disaster with the page layout I will be adding new postings on EM technologies (Effective Microorganisms). EM has wide applications so I will be primarily interested in EM ceramics and applications to my current interests in water filter technology.
Essentially EM promotes healthy soil and water by creating the correct balance between different types of microbes. It is based on the theory that specific types of microorganisms tend to exist in certain proportions in healthy soil and in water.
Micro-organisms of EM work in Clay because clay is an electrically charged colloid which, when its electrical properties become dense, assumes the form of a template capable of duplicating information possessed by the microorganisms.
EM Ceramics effectively and efficiently bring about decomposition of organic matter and chemical substances that have found their way into drinking water. Despite the fact that municipal corporations spend vast sums on sewage treatment, chlorination and sludge are major causes of secondary pollution. EM Ceramics offers an inexpensive way of purifying water that does not create sludge, does not require the use of chlorine, and does not result in any form of secondary pollution.



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