I started a new blog last month hosted by NuTang at first it was quite difficult to work with it but as time went on I realized how great it really is. NuTang is one of the many new blogging services that share the advertising revenue with its users. Unlike Blogcharm, once logged in, NuTang offers a way to browse other peoples blogs and get credit and allows a way to get back to your blog at anytime. NuTang is 100% customizable for those seriously into CSS and HTML. The principle pay structure works by a combination of commenting and browsing other peoples blogs but offers numerous other ways in which to increase your revenue. Although I don't promote my blog as much as I should I find that I am still able to collect points and revenue faster than Blogcharm. Although still new, the gallery is not working as it should; therefor, it is a bit difficult to post photos at this time. Sign up to NuTang HERE.
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