First Snowfall

Well November 2nd was the first snowfall of the year. Cold and wet the precise recipe that spells out I-want-to-get-out-of -here. Not that Canada is a bad place but when you have been living in the tropics a light snowfall is not even tolerable. I went out for a bicycle ride yesterday but just could not take the cold. It was not terribly cold as I remember cycling for 11 months of the year in -30 degree weather in Edmonton. I wonder how did I do it? I must have been dreaming or something.
I cannot get my hands into the clay to make anything so I sit at the computer and learned a few more interesting techniques on Adobe Photo shop CS and Macromedia Flash MX Pro. That was rewarding but the question is, how long will I be able to retain it before I forget and have to re-learn it again? It is always a problem with these kinds of software. If you do not keep using it you forget it.
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