Imagine over 2.3 million plastic bottles are thrown out a day and less than 5% are recycled. A frightening reality for the environment but a great thing for the petrol chemical industry. I heard this on CBC radio yesterday and I thought what a great statistic for those of us in the ceramics industry and furthermore the research and development of the ceramic water filter. This statistic combined with the recent rains and flooding of the lower mainland resulting in hundreds of lower mainland residents forced to either boil their water or buy bottled water is further evidence of the immediate need to support alternatives to plastic water bottles. I hope one day that the stupid consumer whom demands their light weight plastic water bottle as opposed to a ceramic or stainless steel receptacle will eventually wake up one day and make the change. I believe that it is about power to the consumer because if the consumer stops buying it no matter how appealing the ads are the companies will be forced under.
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