Blog Patrol

Blog Patrol is back! I just had to welcome back my favorite
counter. This calls for celebration, as if anyone really cares
except me. The first day I see the counter back and I am
overly cautious when I log in to check my stats. You never
know what will happen. Hopefully things will be better for
them now. And wait a moment I can't figure out why I am
still on the internet. When I registered for the service on
September 10, 2005 I subscribed for 6 months plus one
month free, which by my calculations I should have been
cut off the line April 10 ----- yesterday. I'm wondering
free internet? or do I get a surprise when I move out of
here? I told them I only wanted 7months so it should be
the responsibility of the ISP to cut off my service. I'm not
paying anymore. I am not worthy of such luxury, to be
able to afford the privileges of high speed cable internet
access from home.



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