Getting Warmer - Global Warming??

Well the seasons maybe doing the normal thing for this time year
but nevertheless global warming is also doing its part to speed
things up and the consequences are most definately quite scary.
Spring must be upon us and summer on its way. Last night,
between the mosquitos and the first warm night I think I must
have gotten an hour or next to no sleep at all. I had to get up at
one point to light a mosquito coil to get rid of the buggers then if
not the mosquitos it was the bloody fumes of the mosquito coils
that nearly drove not only the mosquitos out but me as well. The
heat I think last night was the beginning of the warm season.
From now it will be mosquitos and more hot, humid sticky weather.
I seem dislike airconditioners so much that I manage to tolerate
quite high temperatures without having to turn on the A/C.
One advantage ofcourse is my low electricity bill!



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