Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth - to pull or not to pull that is the question. Well
when you have medical insurance that pays for dental care then
you might as well do it even if the pain is torrable. I say this as
I just when to the dentist here in Taiwan and I was impressed.
Most dentists I know seem to always insist on taking X-rays
but this dentist never mentioned it handed me a mirror and
showed me every step and let me do the telling. He filled all
3 cavities and when it came to paying I paid nothing - that's
what I call good dentistry. The way it should be everywhere.
We pay our premiums and get our care free.

Wisdom teeth he showed me quite clearly that the right side
was in need of comming out but the left side could wait and
left the decision upto me. Until this week I never knew what
wisdom teeth were nor did I realize that there were four and
some people have them all out at once. Talk about a 4 in 1 blow.
Seems like that's like the appendix some get it ripped out early
some late or even later.



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