Self-Employment vs. Rat Race

It's now April and I have finally realized now that Taiwan is a rat
race society built with the goal in mind of producing more rats for
the factory. Even the ever popular "xiao lao ban" or little boss
thinking of how nice it is to own a franchise is just another rat race
system for people to be xaio lao ban.
What are they trying to accomplish is my question? Why do they
want to work themselves to death? Why do they they think that a
social life is unnecessary? The reality is economies do die!
Taiwan's rich economy now is only now and will not be forever,
although they seem to be working as if there is no end. With
people too busy with thier jobs and no time for thier social lives I
see the end of Taiwan very soon, marriages and the birthrate may
well go down hill. Not that a low birthrate is a bad thing for Taiwan
because the island is by far overpopulated. Taiwan may have no
choice but be sucked into the Mainland because they are just too
small. Hopefully they will learn to relax a bit more and have some
fun, some longer holidays for the workers like the week long May
day holiday would definately be a start. But that maybe against the
entrepreneurial laws of Taiwan, business first the worker last.
They need more courageous people to start more unions.

It definately isn't for everyone but self-employment when all
else fails has to be the answer to a more satisfying lifestyle. For the
Asian English teacher discrimination will always be an issue and
when that issue is minimized then there is being worked to death.
Who wants to be a rat running in a maze?



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