Dedication to one's work

Throughout my travels around the world I have found one thing in common. I have found that true dedication and a love for what one does for a living is truly a rarity. I find that people are just too preoccupied in making money for themselves. I see this in this from the viewpoint of the apprentice who works tirelessly to perfect a trade that is handed down from generations. I see my friend of 31 years old working as a potter in Japan following in his parents footsteps. So what that he never completed high school, he could be working for 7-11 or some other low paying low educated job. The point being he chose the potter not because he had no other choices but because he likes what he does. I see the many people of my age whom returned to their small towns to become fishermen among other occupations, they had choices but they chose a better quality of life over a money-making job that tired them out by the end of the day. These people have passion; they are dedicated and have a love for what they do. In fact I can only name three such people whom really have a passion for what they do outside of my own family. It is depressing. I feel like an out of date human being or one that is out of touch with society. I see a lot of this in young English teachers overseas. They slap together a lesson plan in the seconds before the lesson begins; they never or rarely fight for changes, they brush off the BS saying the money is alright in other words they wait for that wad of cash at the end of the day or month. I�fm saying this is everyone but this is sadly a great majority. It is not entirely the teachers fault but also equally the responsibility of the school administration as well. They too are too preoccupied in increasing students. Of course, more students equal more money so essentially they too are money hungry and have little passion for what they do. Can they choose what they want to do? Of course they can. Remember they too could take the lowly paid, low educated 7-11 job too. Potters, weavers, carpenters, fishermen, mechanics, administrators and teachers should have a passion for what they do, do what they do best and enjoy it and dedicate yourself fully. If you teach then dedicate yourself to your student�fs success not your pay cheque. Teach every student the same values, to enjoy studying as a life long culturally enriching hobby. Teacher�fs are and should always be continued to be respected as part of Asian culture. Administrators should respect this and allow for appropriate time for class preparation and quality materials. Students and teachers before profits.



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