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Some time ago I did a posting about three different traffic generating sites for blogs, Blog Explosion, Blog Mad and Blog Advance.
It has been quite sometime now and I have had the chance to use each one of them and get to know each of them relatively well. Blog Explosion was the first I signed up to and it still is in my opinion one of the largest sites that offers a lot of different ways in which the user can gain or win credits to exchange for traffic for their blog but I find pages still to be a bit slow when browsing blogs or just browsing the site. Browsing credits are small but you can get your share and you can assign credits to anyone or all of your blogs.One cool thing about this site is that you can earn bonus credits kind of like BlogAdvance while you are surfing these range from 2 to the most I've earned was 25 points! On the other hand BlogMad gives credits away just for being a member but I can't prove this as I have yet seen this happen to me! Blog Mad was my second site I signed up to, probably the newest of the three as they are still in their second phase of beta. The only only site that offers the highest credit ratio of 1:1, for every blog you read someone can read yours. An amazing system as I have had upto 75hits a day on my blogs. The pages are relatively quick to load as compared to Blog Explosion but I find if you are not constantly reading and getting credit for blogs your credits can go into the negative as I have had happen twice so far. For the moment I had to disable my blogs because I simply cannot be online every night reading blogs. What I don't like is that it is a little difficult to activate/deactivate blogs in Blog Mad unlike Blog Explosion it is just a simple procedure of assigning credits, when there are no more credits, your account becomes zero rather than negative. Very impressive ranking system on Blog Mad where you have to work up credits to reach a certain goal. Each rank requires a certain number of credits and has different incentives to work for. A real fun site! The third site I signed up to is Blog Advance. I think they have been around for quite sometime now much like Blog Explosion but their credits for reading blogs is a bit higher than Blog Explosion and the pages are quite quick to navigate though. An extra that Blog Advance offers is paid clicking, no not money but credits. I think these are sites that pay to have their banners displayed in a location where if you click and view their blog you can earn anywheres from 1.0 to 1.5 credits, a nice little bonus. In Blog Advance you can assign credits like Blog Explosion so that you don't go into the negative. All sites offer you games to play as well as blog viewing for credit. Blog Explosion and Blog Advance are a bit more comercially oriented in that you can buy credits but on the other hand they are much more fully developed than Blog Mad, which is thinking of a pay per credit system at the moment. I realized I put quiet a number of affliate links here and if anyone does join through me please let me know and I may be able to give you some credit that is if my credits are not in the negative or zero and I will link to your blog.



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