blogging from airports

With no internet access at home anymore I could find myself blogging from airports and roadside cafes where they offer wireless internet services. I have been told that there are many cafes that offer wireless internet but I have yet to find one. Most of them are just in districts where there is access and you have to pay the ISP to get a password. I don't see why the coffee shops don't get involved and offer customers the chance to use the facilities in thier shops. Buy a drink and the price couls be either included or added to the bill and on the bill there would be a password to get online. Makes perfect sense, and those who travel will not have to buy monthly internet access and you will not have to use thier computers, which are always so dirty and worn from game playing and cigarette stains. It's always a problem when the damn internet cafes remove all external drives and ports so that you cannot upload files or photos.



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