Chinese Traditional Medince

It seems that at least according to Google that the keywords that make me the most money on my adsense account just may be teaching in China or at least it is the most searched after keyword to find me. As if Google is the dictator for all things on the internet. Well let's hope that it doesn't become that bad.

The other day I went into a Chinese Traditional Medicine clinic for a cold, which didn't seem to go away when I went to another doctor. They say when the medicine tastes bad it means it is working. I don't really believe this because taste is different from person to person. For me I find European medicine - synthetic medicine - to be the worst tasting but does that least help. Chinese medicine, which is derived from plants - more natural has a better taste to it. I enjoy the bitterness etc etc. These are all a part of life. I think that the modern human being has been pampered too much with all the sweetness and has consequently forgotten all the tastes of life.

Of course there is another reason why many people prefer the European medicine over the Chinese medicine -- faster cure to get back into the work force. A primary reason for European medicine. Chinese medicine just takes too long. Then again at present Chinese medicine is beginning to be more widely accepted as an alternative.



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