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After careful thinking about upgrading my wordpress from the current 2.0.2 to 2.0.3, it doesn't seem all that difficult but I am just wondering when is the next upgrade going to come out. Then I will have to back everything up and upgrade again. I have been looking for a new blog template and got this one. I am not totally satisfied with the design but it does look a lot cleaner than the last template. Like pottery, sculpture and photography webdesign is an art, a science and should be considered a way of life rather than a profession. If anyone clicks on a Google Ad I am neither happy nor sad. I accept it for as it is. The same with web site traffic, it's a way of life. So what if you do not have a million visitors a day, be happy for what you have. Hey, if any one is considering downloading the Qumana blog editor I highly recomend it. It makes blogging far easier and everything can be done off-line for those who still use the dial-up connection or those who pay for every second that they are on-line. If you have multiple blogs you can post on all of them from one window without having to open other browser windows and log into other accounts.



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