North Korea

With all the lastest on North Korea I thought I might as well add my two cents in too for what it's worth. Well North Korea has built and sucessfully tested their first nuclear weapon. Good for them. So what? Ofcourse the idea of another nuclear war is scary but what is more scary is the American government. I don't think North Korea wants to start a war but if a war is started it probably will be on Bush's initiative. The American government is the world's worst enemy not North Korea nor the Taliban. Look what happened on September 11, when the American government terrorized the people of New York with the bombing of the world trade center. Surely you cannot believe that President Kim or the Taliban want to wage war on the world - they are just protecting themselves. My message to North Korea is America  has grown to become increasingly dangerous they are a nation that feeds on war and it is in the best interest of all the countries concerned to arm themselves in order to protect their interests in the case of attack by the American government. In other words, self defence is ok, we all know the American government was the first to shoot during 9/11.
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