Public transportation in Taiwan

It's been about four months since I have arrived here and
still haven't really been anywhere. The reason is not that
I am lazy or that I don't have the time it really is because
the public transportation in Taiwan really stinks. Not to
be negative about Taiwan but it really is true.
Obviously, when people talk about Taiwan they think
about Taipei as being "Taiwan". Well I do agree that
Taipei's public transportation system is very good - even
excellent but that is Taipei and only Taipei.
Any place outside of Taipei public transportation is next
to non-existant.

I spent a half day looking for a well known fish market
out by Taizhong port only to find that the bus going
there has gone out of business! After speaking with various
people on the street I managed to find another bus company
but soon realized I needed to transfer buses! The trip would
have taken nearly TWO hours with 2 transfers (three buses)
from where I live in Taiping. I gave up. definately not worth
the trip by myself - perhaps if friends from Japan come to
visit will go but until then it's not worth it.

In Taiwan, it seems that vehical ownership is encouraged,
even owning a house/appartment is encouraged over renting.
It is more of an elitist place to live - by far not a very interesting
place to live. With rising oil prices world wide I wonder why
are they encouraging vechical ownership, as gasoline prices are
outrageously cheap. Capitalism has most certainly destroyed
Taiwan and is rapidly eroding away the Mainland as China
catches up.



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