A Victory (??)

When Harper's Conservatives have sweaped into power, not a
majority but still they managed to take control until the next
election. I was watching the coverage on the live video feed
from cbc.ca. The NDP did surprisingly well even though they
still don't have official party status yet. Between the Bloc and
the Liberals they really slipped. I was listening to the leader's
speeches and they mentioned how Canadians wanted a change
in government. Change in government? What change? Do you
call a change from Liberal to Conservative a change? I think
that Canadian federal politics is very much like a coin, with
two-sides the Liberals on one side and the Conservatives on
the other side. Whenever an election comes along the coin is
flipped to see which way Canadians will be lead in the comming
years. I could be mistaken but I cannot remember a time that
the other major parties held the power - the NDP, the Greens,
the Bloc. Come on give the minority powers a chance! But what
can I say there NEEDS to be change but Canadians in general
are scared of change, I think.



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