Lunar New Year

It's that time of year to ring in the Lunar New Year, not this
weekend but the next. Unless you have family/relatives,
probably a better place in my opinion to be is outside China
and not here. Even for travelers, I'd suggest staying away
unless you like crowded buses, trains, airports etc etc....

Well reality being I am here and no way of leaving
because - THEY'VE GOT My Passport! The Canadian Trade
Office in Taipei that is. Well they do have good reason - renewal
so I'll be getting it back sometime late February --- Hopefully.

I couldn't imagine myself traveling at this time of year anyway
so I thought might as well get it done and over with.

There isn't much to do in Taiwan so I think I will be working on
my translations of Japanese dances for nearly the entire new
year break - one week. Something I have been wanting to do for
quite some time but haven't had the time. I should say that the
translations are actually lesson sheets with the dance
movements for students. I thought it would make an interesting
future post as well as perhaps the subject of a future second book.



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