Photo blogs are nice - if you have content

I was just blog surfing a minute ago - I have to say I like photo

blogs. Among all the places I have been to, and places I've
photographed - I just might exceed my quota on blogspot.
Why in the world don't put my photos up on this site? With all
the camera equipment I own - why not?
Has anyone heard of the worst traveler/tourist? Well I would
have to be nominated for that one because yes I am the worst
SOLO tourist. I'm not sure if I can go as far as saying that I am
the world's worst but close to it anyway. Whenever I go places
I just act and do everything local people do, and either forget
my camera at home or just don't bother taking pictures. Perhaps
I have the feeling that the camera is an intrusion. I don't seem to
have any trouble traveling with friends but I still don't remember
to click the shutter. I do tend to think that photography is more
of an art form rather than "memories". So my excuse for not
having a photo blog maybe that I just cannot find anything
worthwhile here in Taiping. Truth is Taiping is really just a big
residencial slum like all residencial slums - Vancouver, Toronto,
Tokyo, Osaka, Qingdao, Lyon, Paris, Venice, Prague, etc etc
the list goes on and on. What can you except from a city?
Just the same boring repetive home to work commute. I need
to see the mountains and sea but the public transportation here
in Taiwan outside of Taipei is useless.



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