Brain size of administrators

I have decided to title this post: "Brain size of administrators"
but may include "business people" as well. When I say brain size,

I do mean that their brain size may be smaller than the average
human being. I have the feeling that they just do not do things
logically but rather what is profitable, which may include doing
things illegally such as many small/medium sized Chinese

I recieved an E-Mail from a friend yesterday, (whom I asked to
be a reference for me) he knew the call would be coming but was
caught off guard when the canadian government called from
Taiwan. It is not often that the canadian government calls from
Taiwan, when one lives in Canada. I cannot understand why they
could not have asked me for available/best times to call my
references - wouldn't that be more reasonable? What are they
trying to hide? Not very logical to me.

I recieved a phone call at work this morning from the canadian
trade office (I was not available in the morning so I recieved a
message). I called back later that afternoon and the call was
regarding the second reference I gave. They told me that I
gave the wrong phone number. I told them that I would have
to double check and get back to them tomorrow but feeling as
if I really wanted to know immediately I ran home to check
and found out the number was not wrong. I had written in:
"(+81)" for Japan and the phone number beginning with
"090-.......", don't they know that every country outside of
North America, I think uses the "0" prefix for domestic calls
and that "0" needs to be dropped when calling from a foreign
country? Or is the only country they call really just Canada?

I could go on and on citing strange examples of what
administrators/business people say or do but I do need to get
other things done.



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