Name cards

Well today I was given five packs of name cards by my school.
Probably, about 500 or so there. The thought is nice but I am
not exactly sure what am I going to do with 500 name cards.
Since I don't drive I am seriously limited to the places I can go
and when I go. Therefore, I do not have the chance of meeting
anyone. According to the contract I am supposed to be recruiting
students and teachers but actually how can I, when I don't have
the time to get out and meet people? Public transportation and
the internet is my lifeline here. Between two if one or the other or
both are cut I am cut off from all communication and social life.
Well that might be going a little too far.... There is ofcourse the
telephone, which I don't use that much.

Perhaps I should post the cards on public bill boards or
something, unfortunately my private information is on it and I
don't like the idea.



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