A little humor for Canada

I just downloaded LimeWire 4.10.5 and been downloading all
sorts of music. Just an amazing tool for P2P file transfers even
on my slow cable connection. Any image, document, song or
even programs you just need to be cautious as to where you
place your private documents or else they will not be private
for long. I wonder what type of people are using
LimeWire - everyone including the individuals involved in
underground software production. Well so long as it's not for
profit why do I care, what other people do. If this world was
not so fiercely competitive money would not be an issue.
Without money everything would be shared. I could just see
it now,the crushing of the new Harper government - the
symbols for Communism - the hammer and sicle on the
Canadian flag. Canadians for a Red future!


Blogger Brad said...

If you like LimeWire, you should definitely check out torrent downloading. MUCH better for big files and folders (for instance, entire TV seasons in one download). I recommend BitComet as the program to use.

It's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

1:37 午後  
Blogger Jay said...

Canadian humour takes a u!

7:40 午後  


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