A week of holidays

Today head office sent a teacher down to check files and observe
classes. I have to admit, it went very well I am happy to say.
It all depends on how prepared I am and how much advanced
notice people give me, I suppose. First, I told my students. I
believe children do have the right know and they do understand
when I said that someone will be comming to observe the class.
Children do tend to think "what's going on" when someone new
steps into the class, it's their class too and they should know.
Secondly, I was told by office staff someone will be comming a
week before, thirdly I prepared what I wanted to do the night
before... I felt I had total control of the class and the children
had their fair share of games. How could you ask for anything
more, when a class goes so well? haha

The day after tomorrow I will have a continous week off - What
in the world I'm I going to do? It's too crowded to travel anywhere.
There is nothing to do in Taiwan when you are without
transportation - so what can you do but sit at home and write in
your blog. Blogging daily ok, but blogging hourly? Who could
come up with that kind of content?



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