The internet is like outerspace - lots to explore, lots of junk

This goes to show you how big and disorganized the internet really
is! Good luck to Google in attempting to "organize" it a little bit.
This one I have heard about over 10 years ago and still it is
floating around out there. I just couldn't help myself and laugh at
how big this internet really is. I just thought of this interesting
anology: it seems as though the internet is like outerspace there
are perhaps 100s of old broken satellites floating around in space
known as "space junk" - the internet is like space - only not just
100s but millions and trillions of "internet junk" floating around
out there. Of course we have all heard the expression "what we
send out comes back" - quite true for the internet!


Is it just me or has anyone else heard of the Bill 602 - it is/was
supposed to be some sort of tax on E-Mail because the
US/Canada Post is/was complaining of lost revenues. Well I
don't know what's going on here. Seems I did hear of something
like a tax on E-Mail 10 years ago and it probably was this same
E-Mail. I just searched Bill 602 and came up with these links:
(Related will be Bill 602 P)

Then some guy in Las Vegas posts this as back lash the hoax:

He quotes this site: http://thomas.loc.gov and asks you to
check for yourself, I did and got nothing.
also gives reference to:
http://thomas.loc.gov and says the same thing as I did - there
is no such bill.

Seems to come from the US, and I see Canada post listed at:
www.kylgrafx.com/bill602.htm but clicked the link but
the page doesn't exist at Canada Post.

I heard that there is in fact places thatl internet users have to
pay for each E-Mail they recieve but now I don't know if this is
true or just a hoax for the unweiry internet user. Not sure
what's going on but I have heard of this E-mail for the past 10
years or so, so I wouldn't spread it around too much.



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