Dentistry in Taiwan

Came back from getting a wisdom tooth ripped out. It wasn't bad at all considering all the stories I've heard. What is even more impressive in the dentistry here in Taiwan. The National health insurance also includes basic dentristry, how basic I am not sure but so far I have had free dentristry. Perhaps it's for me and just this one dentist. Last week I went to get three fillings and a check over and this week I had a tooth pulled he even gave me a prescription for a four days supply of painkillers which I got and later found out I didn't have to pay anything more. I have n't felt the necesity of taking anything yet - I just relax and keep my mouth shut and I feel better. Probably the fact that I paid nothing is reassurance enough.
I'd like to know how much would the same service would have cost in say Canada or Japan. USA is out of the question because I know how outrageous these things are in that country. I think I must have paid less than 50$ in premiums through work so it has been a pretty good deal so far.

I came across another site similar to Blog Explosion and Blog Mad called Blog Advance. Much the same type of thing where users can surf member blogs for credits and apply those credits to explode their own blog traffic. I like them all but for some reason I find Blog Explosion to be a little slow at loading pages. All very good for what they manage to do but I am certainly most impressed by may stats and comments with BlogMad, they are my favorite.



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