Where does one find a printer around here?

Where does one find a place to print in Taiwan? I just want to get a
couple pages of a resume printed but cannot find a place. Does
Taiwan really believe that everyone must own everything? Private
ownership sucks. Like private vehical ownership it all just
contributes to a selfish world. Not that I don't like Taiwan but the
truth is I don't like American culture, especially when it influences
others. I have the feeling that Taiwan gets there ideas mainly from
the US when building more roads and highways to encourage
private vehical ownership.
Another thing I dislike is consumerism, and Taiwan probably gets
this idea from the US again, buy buy buy more private consumption.
I have NO INTEREST in buying a stupid printer. especially when I
need to buy ink, which is expensive.
Once again I applaud the Mainland for having so many printing
shops where I can happily walk from store to store finding the best
deal. All I can say to Mainland China is this PLEASE if it's American
refuse it, do it your way China and let the rest of the world accept
it as is.



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