Democracy is con job you got fooled

"Democracy is a con job you got fooled"
As I was walking home after getting something to eat I passed a man with this on his T-shirt in big green letters. I couldn't get my camera out nor could I ask the guy if I could take the photo but do I wish I had that T-shirt or a photo of it now.
As for Taiwan being the only Chinese speaking territory with a democracy as far as I know, I find this quite amusing to see here. I was thinking in particular how all those places with democracy all seem to have one thing in common - sucking up to the United States, while not particularly liking the American government.
Speaking of slogans on clothing, I remember seeing a baseball cap in the window of a store in Quebec city one time with the words: "Fuck la mode" with Calvin Klein logo next to it, in other words , "Fuck fashion". The problem with not having a camera around with you at all times or not being prepared to take a photo at a moments glance is that you are sometimes not even sure if something is true or not. I have one example, such that I seem to be able to recall the T-shirt or photo thereof I saw somewhere with the words: "Fuck Democracy" but this cannot be attested to at all. Oh well a few moments of uncontained laughter is what we all need. Just seeing that T-shirt made my day anyway and brought back some memories of the things people wear on their clothing.



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