Task based language films

I am getting into the idea of short 3 minute films featuring some sort of task-based learning activity. The point being that the film be script free in order to be more like a spontaneous conversation because conversation is not a memorized dialogue. I beleive that the way to improve conversation in any language is to find an activity and do it in the foriegn language. That way you forget about the language and as you get so absorbed in working with the newly acquired activity. This is the way I learned four languages myself. The funny thing is people seem to believe me but hesitate in actually doing it because it seems as though it takes too much energy. I guess those people would like to learn passively by simply turning on the TV and laying back on the sofa. I have a feeling (in fact I know from experience) that the older generation of teachers in particular the developing countries will see these films as merely cultural moments of "entertainment" for students rather than a real learning experience. It is these teachers who believe in the old rote memorization of vocabulary and dialogues. Fortunately there are the younger generation whom are increasingly keen on new materials but have no access to them.
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