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I managed to get a hold of a copy of the book Putting it Together: A Conversational Management Text by Kevin McClure from Amazon as far as I saw it was the last one in stock or maybe each Amazon book shop has a different inventory. The book is going out of print soon but still by far in my opinion a very good book for beginner to intermediate language learners. Very few books on teaching ESL break the conversation into beginning, middle and end. This book shows students how to begin, continue and finish a conversation like a native speaker. Good quality cheap teaching resources are hard to come by but those we find often become out of print. I have been accumulating a both on-line and off-line (hard copy) of teaching materials in the hopes of one day beginning to teach classes 100% on-line. I see it as the wave of the future for those who cannot attend classes but I still see the problem with too many schools and language courses (especially English) just trying to advertise themselves as having the image of the blonde blue eyed rather that high qualifications and experience. We need a no non-sense language school that truly believes in high quality education and not appearance.



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