I didn't think the typhoon would actually hit us here but I guess it did come by early this morning leaving a trail of heavy rain in it's path. Well I can't say that it is very heavy rain because real heavy rain is easy to photograph while this rain is too light and is practically invisible. I call it the boring rain. I'm trying to thing of the most practical way to get to Mainland China from Taiwan before going back to Canada. The problem with Taiwan is that you cannot go direct to China except via Hong Kong. I do not like the idea of lugging baggage through Hong Kong to get the tourist visa and carrying it though the Hong Kong - China border. So I thought why not leave it here and return to Taiwan from Hong Kong  after a week in China and then leave Taiwan. I think I have no other choice.
One thing I do not like are travel agents. They always tell me what I cannot do and try to sell me what I do not want. Buying direct from the airline may just be the only way exept not owning a credit card makes things worse.



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