I was quite surprised when I called up the Chinese visa office in Hong Kong to find out how easy it is to get a tourist visa. Getting a tourist visa to enter Canada for Chinese on the other hand has become easier of the years but still it is a lengthy time consuming application process. They need to show family background and incomes etc etc. We all know Canada is full of BS and that their red tape is one of the most confusing in the world. There is no population in Canada and there is a lot of wasted space. What are they worried about? Canada does not seem to worry about white Europeans entering the country then why not Asians? It is all about skin color and who has money? I was thinking about this and Taiwan-China relations. Chinese from the mainland are still not allowed to come here freely except on designated tours to designated places. This is disgusting, period. Everyone else in the world can come here freely why not allow the Chinese form the mainland? After all it is just a tourist visa, and it is only temporary. It is not a permanent residency or naturalization. Tourism is a strange thing. People want to encourage it because it brings money boosting the economy but when they limit tourism to just skin color or those with money then it is wrong. Who says that we do not have apartheid - Europeans and Asians/First Nations living on reserves it is all the same. As long as countries and territories continue to exist then there will be some form of apartheid. Nationalism is just the rooster crowing proudly on his own pile of shit. I am not saying that we all should promote tourism heavily because tourism does have its problems and is like cows overgrazing on pasture. Eco-tourism is interesting and may have its place in today's money driven economies.



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