[Add country here] Bashing

Call it whatever you wish but one thing I find really
irritating is when people poke fun at another country for
no real reason whatsoever - simply to show some kind of
nationalist pride on thier part.

It happens in nearly every country, Japan bashes China, Korea,
etc. Canadians bash Americans, the same is true in Europe
(at least before the EU time I don't know if it is still true)
and here in Taiwan it is especially true to notice China bashing
by Taiwan. What for? As a half Japanese American born in
Canada I feel very proud that I am not of just one country.
I DO NOT stand up for any particular country and I consider
myself an internationalist - A man without boarders or
as the Kurds say that they are without a country.

In this day in age I feel that peace and friendship amoung
people should be encouraged rather than being at each others
throuts to kill one another. Verbal bashing is just another form
of bullying. In my view it is just plain self-fishness.



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