Job hunting

Well I'm now looking for another job. This school is insane. What
in the world could they be doing? Well I'll stay until mid-June, in
the mean time it's quick I need a job! I've been looking into
freelance translation Japanese - English but for any site that
changes money to search for jobs I wonder, who are they? and is
it as profitable as they say they are? Well anybody including me
can say "oh yes garanteed to find a job and lots of jobs" but how
is it proven? Either pay to search or join for free and then view
jobs but if you want to contact the jobs pay us first. Well how do
I know if I will get the job? I will attempt to buy a newspaper
tomorrow to see what is available but in my opinion, newspapers
are the worse places to do a job search just because the
number of readers finding jobs is so high competition is also fierce.
Well I have never actually bought a newspaper before, seems
strange but it's true. I never needed to because either someone
else has bought it or I stand around reading them at newspaper
stands! Finding a job without contacts has got to be one of world's
most tiring and painfulest experiences as we all know.



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