Teaching in South America

This has been a question I have pondered for the past month now.
Is there a demand for Mandarin Chinese teachers in South
America? I have searched the web and asked everyone possible
and have not yet recieved a reply. I am beginning to wonder if

maybe South America is so USA centralized in trade and
commerce that they see no reason whatsoever to deal with other
countries. If this is the case they they maybe very much like
Taiwan such that they can only see and follow money ahead of
I really cannot believe this at all so there must be schools in Brazil,
Chile, or Argentina that have little advertising but are searching
for qualified Chinese teachers. If anyone has any advice please
drop me a comment.


Writeup Blog

I just had to sign on to another blog service, which claims to increase traffic by refering others. Seems to work well because the moment I signed up my credits went from 0 to 3, in the few short minutes of being on-line. When you refer others they promise that your ads will be shown on their blog 10% of the time. They also claim to give you a further 7% of the people they refer and a further 3% of the people on the next level.  You can even add your Google Adsense to make yourself additional profit. Ofcourse you need to write everyday or at least consistantly. Something that I cannot manage to do. You can hava a look at this service by clicking here or here. Until next time happy blogging.


I came across this on a blog I was reading the other day.
I can't remember where it was but I had a laugh when I
read the posting because I had a similar experience. If the
original author reads this post please leave me a comment
and let me know your bolg address.

It was during my university days when I was heading back
to British Columbia, Canada from Quebec. I took the
Greyhound 52hours from Toronto to Edmonton. I had made
a stop over in Winnipeg, Manitoba for a bit of a rest. It was
early morning when I decided not to wait in the dirty, stinky,
piss smelling Greyhound bus depot, I headed to a local mall
down the street and walk in and sat down after looking
around for a while and a security guard comes up to me and
asks me to leave. Why? When everyoneelse was sitting around
in a public place. Wanting to know how far the security guard
would go I decided to stand my ground but the guy threw me
out in the street. No this wasn't some police state, this was
Canada, a country Canadians like to pride themselves as being a free country. Oh
it's so free that it's in the national anthom, "True north strong and free..." well free
from somethings but freedom to sit in a public mall? Not a chance!

Pottery Kilns

I have built numerous pottery kilns around the world. One of my favorites will have to be the simpliest charcoal brazers, which are found throughout the world. Also know as a Shichirin in Japanese, and is used for cooking. The shichirin is made of material that is quite suitable for high temperatures (1200 degrees C). Although they may break easily due to stress of high temperature they can be easily repaired using a mixture of fireclay and coarse river sand as a chamotte.
The small size is compact enough to allow them to be discrete to be used anywhere, which may not allow for open flames. Please see the following link www.projecth2o.org/pottery for pictures of my studio in Japan.


March 23rd posting

Long time since I haven't done a posting here, probably because there is not much to write/comment about. I been updating other blogs with pictures and stuff at: www.blogcharm.com/bzhuo and www.projecth2o.org/bzhuo