I haven't done a post here for some time now since my computer at home is currently being used to download movie torrents. I have never been very interested in movies up until now mainly because I could never imagine myself going to a movie theatre alone and paying to see something nor I cannot even find myself renting a movie. I guess I just do not like spending my money on entertainment for myself. I have always been able to entertain myself with my own hobbies mostly because I have plenty to keep myself busy. Why should I pay to entertain myself when I can do it for free? I have been known by friends for being extremely generous when I take friends out for lunch or supper or any kind of outing. Especially those friends I have not seen in a long time. So when I first discovered Limewire I began downloading MP3s but now I have discovered bitcomet for downloading movies and software! It couldn't be better! Another hobby to play with on my spare time...


Quick change

Just a quick correction regarding the previous post. I did find out
what was going wrong in Blog Mad when I try to re-activate a blog
you need to enter the blogs passwprd and not your Blog Mad
password but the problem is this simple little method only works
on Wordpress, TypePad, Movable Type and Blogger.

So BlogCharm blogs and everyone else with other blogs you just
need to do it the hard way or just wait and things may change for
the better down the road.

Traffic Exchange sites for Blogs

Some time ago I did a posting about three different traffic generating sites for blogs, Blog Explosion, Blog Mad and Blog Advance.
It has been quite sometime now and I have had the chance to use each one of them and get to know each of them relatively well. Blog Explosion was the first I signed up to and it still is in my opinion one of the largest sites that offers a lot of different ways in which the user can gain or win credits to exchange for traffic for their blog but I find pages still to be a bit slow when browsing blogs or just browsing the site. Browsing credits are small but you can get your share and you can assign credits to anyone or all of your blogs.One cool thing about this site is that you can earn bonus credits kind of like BlogAdvance while you are surfing these range from 2 to the most I've earned was 25 points! On the other hand BlogMad gives credits away just for being a member but I can't prove this as I have yet seen this happen to me! Blog Mad was my second site I signed up to, probably the newest of the three as they are still in their second phase of beta. The only only site that offers the highest credit ratio of 1:1, for every blog you read someone can read yours. An amazing system as I have had upto 75hits a day on my blogs. The pages are relatively quick to load as compared to Blog Explosion but I find if you are not constantly reading and getting credit for blogs your credits can go into the negative as I have had happen twice so far. For the moment I had to disable my blogs because I simply cannot be online every night reading blogs. What I don't like is that it is a little difficult to activate/deactivate blogs in Blog Mad unlike Blog Explosion it is just a simple procedure of assigning credits, when there are no more credits, your account becomes zero rather than negative. Very impressive ranking system on Blog Mad where you have to work up credits to reach a certain goal. Each rank requires a certain number of credits and has different incentives to work for. A real fun site! The third site I signed up to is Blog Advance. I think they have been around for quite sometime now much like Blog Explosion but their credits for reading blogs is a bit higher than Blog Explosion and the pages are quite quick to navigate though. An extra that Blog Advance offers is paid clicking, no not money but credits. I think these are sites that pay to have their banners displayed in a location where if you click and view their blog you can earn anywheres from 1.0 to 1.5 credits, a nice little bonus. In Blog Advance you can assign credits like Blog Explosion so that you don't go into the negative. All sites offer you games to play as well as blog viewing for credit. Blog Explosion and Blog Advance are a bit more comercially oriented in that you can buy credits but on the other hand they are much more fully developed than Blog Mad, which is thinking of a pay per credit system at the moment. I realized I put quiet a number of affliate links here and if anyone does join through me please let me know and I may be able to give you some credit that is if my credits are not in the negative or zero and I will link to your blog.


Teaching English in Taiwan

I wonder why you don't see too many Asia English teachers
teaching English in Asia? Perhaps it is because the stupid big
money making franchises like GEOS, NOVA, SHANE,
JORDAN etc etc just plain do not give a damn about quality
all they are concerned is with is very clearly teacher image
and nothing else. I am sure that most of these schools if not all
of them aim their marketing campaigns at middle class working
families. I for one would never send my children to one of these
schools. They are simply "clown" schools for parents to send
their children to some white English foreigner to laugh and play
with for a couple of hours each day. Surely these schools could
not get the same results from an Asian English teacher who is
by far more serious in teaching a foreign language. Yes as you
may have guessed it my school is attempting to blackmail me.
The teacher always loses, the school screws you and when you
try to fight back taking a day off and you don't get paid. They
clearly broke the contract, promising a visa after two months
and not getting a visa until half your contract has passed.
Ofcourse leaving you to work illegally. They cancel your classes
with little or no warning and they blame you for forgetting when
it is really them that forgot. They rob you of a social life by
making you work odd hours and days leaving no time to see
friends. Their shallow interest in the world make for the WORST
friends and BEST enemies.



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Teaching at Private English Schools

For all I'm concerned I consider all big, brand named, private,
English schools the same. In four simple words: Don't work for
them! What do you do when they cancel classes and not tell
you until the last minute? They do it once they do it again,
they make you work illegally for 6 months, they rob you of a
social life by making you work every Saturday. They pretend
to be nice. They blame you for forgetting when it's them that
forgot. I've gotten sick more times then in the past because
clearly they made me sick as a result of stress. Are they human?
Who are they? Human beings don't do this. Their shit just makes
me sick just thinking about it. The only thing I can say is I owe
them nothing. Sorry for the bloggers out there who had to hear
this, I just needed to get this out of my system. Thanks and it
really helped. Perhaps in a later post I will come up with an in
depth look at and analysis of the curriculum at the school I work
at. Well how about after I finish my job first. lol!


Dentistry in Taiwan

Came back from getting a wisdom tooth ripped out. It wasn't bad at all considering all the stories I've heard. What is even more impressive in the dentistry here in Taiwan. The National health insurance also includes basic dentristry, how basic I am not sure but so far I have had free dentristry. Perhaps it's for me and just this one dentist. Last week I went to get three fillings and a check over and this week I had a tooth pulled he even gave me a prescription for a four days supply of painkillers which I got and later found out I didn't have to pay anything more. I have n't felt the necesity of taking anything yet - I just relax and keep my mouth shut and I feel better. Probably the fact that I paid nothing is reassurance enough.
I'd like to know how much would the same service would have cost in say Canada or Japan. USA is out of the question because I know how outrageous these things are in that country. I think I must have paid less than 50$ in premiums through work so it has been a pretty good deal so far.

I came across another site similar to Blog Explosion and Blog Mad called Blog Advance. Much the same type of thing where users can surf member blogs for credits and apply those credits to explode their own blog traffic. I like them all but for some reason I find Blog Explosion to be a little slow at loading pages. All very good for what they manage to do but I am certainly most impressed by may stats and comments with BlogMad, they are my favorite.

Blog Patrol

Blog Patrol is back! I just had to welcome back my favorite
counter. This calls for celebration, as if anyone really cares
except me. The first day I see the counter back and I am
overly cautious when I log in to check my stats. You never
know what will happen. Hopefully things will be better for
them now. And wait a moment I can't figure out why I am
still on the internet. When I registered for the service on
September 10, 2005 I subscribed for 6 months plus one
month free, which by my calculations I should have been
cut off the line April 10 ----- yesterday. I'm wondering
free internet? or do I get a surprise when I move out of
here? I told them I only wanted 7months so it should be
the responsibility of the ISP to cut off my service. I'm not
paying anymore. I am not worthy of such luxury, to be
able to afford the privileges of high speed cable internet
access from home.


Blog Mad

Blog Mad has been up and running for quite sometime. I tend to
jump into something but don't realy pay much attention to it at
first. Until yesterday I logged into my account and surfed around
a few blogs and realized every blog I read I get 1 credit as opposed
to BlogExplosion the points earned are much less. For about the
same amount of traffic generated I thnk I have to say BlogMad is
definately easier to wrap up points fast. Not only are there
generous points but there are rankings where you start off as a
Newbie and work up to BlogMad. So far I managed to work myself
up 3 levels to Senior in one day! I tried a little experiment to see,
which one could generate 100 points in the fastest amount time
and BlogMad was definately a breeze.



Whatever happened to BlogPatrol anyway? I have seen so
many counters and the BlogPatrol counter has been one the
best I have seen so far. I know they were having server
problems for quite sometime and perhaps they are having
trouble again. Maybe their popularity is so high, higher than
they can keep up with demand so their servers for reason
just can't keep up with the enormous amounts of traffic. I
guess I better have a "backup" counter for these kinds of
emergencies but the problem is I haven't found a counter
I like except for blogpatol. Makes me wonder, maybe I
should keep a back up of my files for this blog. Perhaps
someday blogger may go down. Nah this information is
not permanent. Let it go, let it go I say. I can always
write more.

Writer's Block

I feel I have to walk around with my computer around my neck
these days. I have this brilliant topic to write about and then it
slips from my mind the moment I get to my computer to write
about it. I do carry around a notebook but the trouble is the same
thing happens the moment I open the pages the topic slips or as
the case maybe I have the habit of carrying around a notebook
but often there is no pen. As a photographer I manage to carry
around my camera and manage to capture the photos I want but
I never manage to capture my ideas on paper. Well I suppose it
happens to everyone and not just me. Let's hope so anyway.
Perhaps I was a born photographer but I was never supposed
to be a writer.


Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth - to pull or not to pull that is the question. Well
when you have medical insurance that pays for dental care then
you might as well do it even if the pain is torrable. I say this as
I just when to the dentist here in Taiwan and I was impressed.
Most dentists I know seem to always insist on taking X-rays
but this dentist never mentioned it handed me a mirror and
showed me every step and let me do the telling. He filled all
3 cavities and when it came to paying I paid nothing - that's
what I call good dentistry. The way it should be everywhere.
We pay our premiums and get our care free.

Wisdom teeth he showed me quite clearly that the right side
was in need of comming out but the left side could wait and
left the decision upto me. Until this week I never knew what
wisdom teeth were nor did I realize that there were four and
some people have them all out at once. Talk about a 4 in 1 blow.
Seems like that's like the appendix some get it ripped out early
some late or even later.


KFC - Shiseido

Chicken and Cosmetics anyone? I was just wondering, doesn't this combination really go well together? Truely there are similarities. KFC and Shiseido has become one of the two biggest money makers, but I was thinking more along the lines of would anyone care for some "cosmetic chicken"? I wonder how much drugs get pumped into the chickens. I'm not sure if anyone cares to agree or not but I find this to be sick advertising.


Getting Warmer - Global Warming??

Well the seasons maybe doing the normal thing for this time year
but nevertheless global warming is also doing its part to speed
things up and the consequences are most definately quite scary.
Spring must be upon us and summer on its way. Last night,
between the mosquitos and the first warm night I think I must
have gotten an hour or next to no sleep at all. I had to get up at
one point to light a mosquito coil to get rid of the buggers then if
not the mosquitos it was the bloody fumes of the mosquito coils
that nearly drove not only the mosquitos out but me as well. The
heat I think last night was the beginning of the warm season.
From now it will be mosquitos and more hot, humid sticky weather.
I seem dislike airconditioners so much that I manage to tolerate
quite high temperatures without having to turn on the A/C.
One advantage ofcourse is my low electricity bill!


Computer Running slow?

Does your computer seem to be running slow? I have recently uninstalled the Norton Anti virus software just because well they seem to be just too big a company to support. I recently came across the noadware site and I thought I might as well give them a try for the time being. The amount of junk out there you would be silly to go on a wild adventure on the internet with no protection from viruses, worms and other spyware.


Self-Employment vs. Rat Race

It's now April and I have finally realized now that Taiwan is a rat
race society built with the goal in mind of producing more rats for
the factory. Even the ever popular "xiao lao ban" or little boss
thinking of how nice it is to own a franchise is just another rat race
system for people to be xaio lao ban.
What are they trying to accomplish is my question? Why do they
want to work themselves to death? Why do they they think that a
social life is unnecessary? The reality is economies do die!
Taiwan's rich economy now is only now and will not be forever,
although they seem to be working as if there is no end. With
people too busy with thier jobs and no time for thier social lives I
see the end of Taiwan very soon, marriages and the birthrate may
well go down hill. Not that a low birthrate is a bad thing for Taiwan
because the island is by far overpopulated. Taiwan may have no
choice but be sucked into the Mainland because they are just too
small. Hopefully they will learn to relax a bit more and have some
fun, some longer holidays for the workers like the week long May
day holiday would definately be a start. But that maybe against the
entrepreneurial laws of Taiwan, business first the worker last.
They need more courageous people to start more unions.

It definately isn't for everyone but self-employment when all
else fails has to be the answer to a more satisfying lifestyle. For the
Asian English teacher discrimination will always be an issue and
when that issue is minimized then there is being worked to death.
Who wants to be a rat running in a maze?