China bound

Finally it's finished! I recieved the fax a couple of days ago from the university. The copy of my working permit and invitation letter. After I get the originals in the mail the only thing to do will be 1. book tick and 2. apply for visa and then it's off. Now this is what I call a school with excellent organizational skills and responsibility well taken. This is professionalism. None of the BS you get from private schools all over China and Taiwan. Unbelievable and not tolerable. Now I can sit back and relax and wait it out.


The Iroha Project


Click the image to test The Iroha Project! Visit the Iroha Project at IrohaProject.org!

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The Iroha Project

The Iroha Project is an image-audio dictionary arranged in categories in order to facilitate foriegn language learning. The site contains nine categories in two languages. You are first asked to choose a language from the main page. On the second page, the categories will be on the left side of the page for you to select with the corresponding images on the right. Click a category and then click and listen to any image you like. Enjoy your visit! Please visit us at www.IrohaProject.org thank you!

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Le Patron - French grammar correction program

I receieved the new University of Alberta Faculty of Arts publication Work of Arts. At least this was the first edition that I receieved. One article that caught my attention was an article about a web-based grammar correction program for French called Le Patron. Reading the article quickly I noticed a familiar name, Professor of Applied Linguistics Terry Nadasdi. He was one of my former professors. I took a look at the site and typed a few sentences in French and sure enough it highlighted all the errors and offered suggestions. Le Patron is not a French language translation service or dictionary but a real tool for French language learners of all ages to help in recognizing common French language grammatical errors. Please see Le Patron and try it for yourself here:   LePatron.ca
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I started a new blog last month hosted by NuTang at first it was quite difficult to work with it but as time went on I realized how great it really is. NuTang is one of the many new blogging services that share the advertising revenue with its users. Unlike Blogcharm, once logged in, NuTang offers a way to browse other peoples blogs and get credit and allows a way to get back to your blog at anytime. NuTang is 100% customizable for those seriously into CSS and HTML. The principle pay structure works by a combination of commenting and browsing other peoples blogs but offers numerous other ways in which to increase your revenue. Although I don't promote my blog as much as I should I find that I am still able to collect points and revenue faster than Blogcharm. Although still new, the gallery is not working as it should; therefor, it is a bit difficult to post photos at this time. Sign up to NuTang HERE.
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