Where does one find a printer around here?

Where does one find a place to print in Taiwan? I just want to get a
couple pages of a resume printed but cannot find a place. Does
Taiwan really believe that everyone must own everything? Private
ownership sucks. Like private vehical ownership it all just
contributes to a selfish world. Not that I don't like Taiwan but the
truth is I don't like American culture, especially when it influences
others. I have the feeling that Taiwan gets there ideas mainly from
the US when building more roads and highways to encourage
private vehical ownership.
Another thing I dislike is consumerism, and Taiwan probably gets
this idea from the US again, buy buy buy more private consumption.
I have NO INTEREST in buying a stupid printer. especially when I
need to buy ink, which is expensive.
Once again I applaud the Mainland for having so many printing
shops where I can happily walk from store to store finding the best
deal. All I can say to Mainland China is this PLEASE if it's American
refuse it, do it your way China and let the rest of the world accept
it as is.


Touche pas a mon pot

Was that the French expression (touche pas a mon pot) that was coined during the Le Pen era in France? I cannot remember the exact expression but I think it was somewhere along those lines.
I believe the English, Don't touch my pal carried the meaning of friendship towards the immigrant population. Forgive me if I got this completely wrong and post if I did get this wrong and I will correct or delete this post immediately. Although my minor in university was French I hardly have a chance to use it here in Taiwan for obvious reasons! Due to the extreme tension between Taiwan and China such that many people have such strong feels of distrust for Mainlanders even though they have never been there. I had the thought wouldn't it be cool if someone made up a bumper sticker that carried the same meaning in Chinese such as: 不要麻煩我的好朋友!(bu yong ma fan wo de hao peng you!), in English it could be translated as: "Don't bother my good friend!". I left out the word "Mainlander" out because I thought that if someone began to talk down about China, this expression could carry the perfect meaning of friendship and acceptance of Mainland Chinese people. Especially since the 2008 Beijing/Qingdao olympics are well under way. I wonder how Taiwanese mistrust for the Mainland is going to be handled. If you look at Taiwanese history I can understand how Taiwanese would have a distrust towards the Mainland but today in 2006? I cannot understand the meaning of some of the things Taiwanese say about China and how can they say such things when they have never even been there? It's distrubing to see how closed off people can be sometimes. Ofcourse the same is true in every corner of this wonderful world.
Wake up people! Brothers we are all! Touche pas a mon pot! 不要麻煩我的好朋友!


Job hunting

Well I'm now looking for another job. This school is insane. What
in the world could they be doing? Well I'll stay until mid-June, in
the mean time it's quick I need a job! I've been looking into
freelance translation Japanese - English but for any site that
changes money to search for jobs I wonder, who are they? and is
it as profitable as they say they are? Well anybody including me
can say "oh yes garanteed to find a job and lots of jobs" but how
is it proven? Either pay to search or join for free and then view
jobs but if you want to contact the jobs pay us first. Well how do
I know if I will get the job? I will attempt to buy a newspaper
tomorrow to see what is available but in my opinion, newspapers
are the worse places to do a job search just because the
number of readers finding jobs is so high competition is also fierce.
Well I have never actually bought a newspaper before, seems
strange but it's true. I never needed to because either someone
else has bought it or I stand around reading them at newspaper
stands! Finding a job without contacts has got to be one of world's
most tiring and painfulest experiences as we all know.


A little humor for Canada

I just downloaded LimeWire 4.10.5 and been downloading all
sorts of music. Just an amazing tool for P2P file transfers even
on my slow cable connection. Any image, document, song or
even programs you just need to be cautious as to where you
place your private documents or else they will not be private
for long. I wonder what type of people are using
LimeWire - everyone including the individuals involved in
underground software production. Well so long as it's not for
profit why do I care, what other people do. If this world was
not so fiercely competitive money would not be an issue.
Without money everything would be shared. I could just see
it now,the crushing of the new Harper government - the
symbols for Communism - the hammer and sicle on the
Canadian flag. Canadians for a Red future!


Back to work

Well I didn't realize it until today that I haven't posted in this blog
since February 3! Now it's the 6th - my birthday well, well, well a
late post but I sort of have an excuse since it was Chinese New
Years here.
It's been a week now and today it's time to go back to work in the
afternoon. It is a waste of time, it is stupid and private schools are
no place for human beings to work or goto school, period. At all
costs stay away from them do not work there and do not send

your children there.


The joy of language

I cannot help but imagine how little vocabulary one really needs
to communicate in a foreign language. Recently I have been
enjoying having conversations in Chinese with people who do
not speak English, Japanese or even French. I have to admit
that my knowledge of Mandarin is extremely limited but
nevertheless effective in having a basic conversation. Imagine,
being able to converse with over a billion people! If you add
the other three languages that I am fluent in then the number
of people whom I can have at least a basic conversation in
explodes to perhaps, 40 - 50% of the 50 billion plus people in
the world.

What does it take? I believe that a foriegn language student
needs confidence. Just use it! and you DO NOT need to
practice your language skills with the so-called "native"
speakers. This I believe is the biggest mistake students
make. It is NOT true. Open your mouth and use whatever
you know with ANYONE, ANYWHERE. That is the most
important thing when learning a language. If your paying
100s of dollars to some X English language school that
uses English speaking blond, blue eyed "native" foreigners
then you are wasting your money and your breath for
nothing. Your "nice" teacher is not going to be always
around. If don't use it you will loose it, period.

You can forget about waiting around until you have that
chance to go abroad to use your language skills. Language
skills need to be constantly worked at all the time. I do
know that one personally as my French skills have gone
downhill quite a bit since leaving university.


Re: The internet is like outerspace

Regarding my earlier post on the Bill602P - the billing of email or
email tax, I don't quite understand why would a bill called
"Bill602P" in the US be called the same bill in Canada. So does
this mean that all bills passed in US have the same numbers as
bill numbers in Canada? I do not know anything about how bills
are numbered or passed in any country but I would assume that
the Canada does it differently from the US because they are
different countries. Does this mean that the US government
controls Canadian Parliament? It doesn't make sense to me.