Touche pas a mon pot

Was that the French expression (touche pas a mon pot) that was coined during the Le Pen era in France? I cannot remember the exact expression but I think it was somewhere along those lines.
I believe the English, Don't touch my pal carried the meaning of friendship towards the immigrant population. Forgive me if I got this completely wrong and post if I did get this wrong and I will correct or delete this post immediately. Although my minor in university was French I hardly have a chance to use it here in Taiwan for obvious reasons! Due to the extreme tension between Taiwan and China such that many people have such strong feels of distrust for Mainlanders even though they have never been there. I had the thought wouldn't it be cool if someone made up a bumper sticker that carried the same meaning in Chinese such as: 不要麻煩我的好朋友!(bu yong ma fan wo de hao peng you!), in English it could be translated as: "Don't bother my good friend!". I left out the word "Mainlander" out because I thought that if someone began to talk down about China, this expression could carry the perfect meaning of friendship and acceptance of Mainland Chinese people. Especially since the 2008 Beijing/Qingdao olympics are well under way. I wonder how Taiwanese mistrust for the Mainland is going to be handled. If you look at Taiwanese history I can understand how Taiwanese would have a distrust towards the Mainland but today in 2006? I cannot understand the meaning of some of the things Taiwanese say about China and how can they say such things when they have never even been there? It's distrubing to see how closed off people can be sometimes. Ofcourse the same is true in every corner of this wonderful world.
Wake up people! Brothers we are all! Touche pas a mon pot! 不要麻煩我的好朋友!



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