Teaching at Private English Schools

For all I'm concerned I consider all big, brand named, private,
English schools the same. In four simple words: Don't work for
them! What do you do when they cancel classes and not tell
you until the last minute? They do it once they do it again,
they make you work illegally for 6 months, they rob you of a
social life by making you work every Saturday. They pretend
to be nice. They blame you for forgetting when it's them that
forgot. I've gotten sick more times then in the past because
clearly they made me sick as a result of stress. Are they human?
Who are they? Human beings don't do this. Their shit just makes
me sick just thinking about it. The only thing I can say is I owe
them nothing. Sorry for the bloggers out there who had to hear
this, I just needed to get this out of my system. Thanks and it
really helped. Perhaps in a later post I will come up with an in
depth look at and analysis of the curriculum at the school I work
at. Well how about after I finish my job first. lol!



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