Teaching English in Taiwan

I wonder why you don't see too many Asia English teachers
teaching English in Asia? Perhaps it is because the stupid big
money making franchises like GEOS, NOVA, SHANE,
JORDAN etc etc just plain do not give a damn about quality
all they are concerned is with is very clearly teacher image
and nothing else. I am sure that most of these schools if not all
of them aim their marketing campaigns at middle class working
families. I for one would never send my children to one of these
schools. They are simply "clown" schools for parents to send
their children to some white English foreigner to laugh and play
with for a couple of hours each day. Surely these schools could
not get the same results from an Asian English teacher who is
by far more serious in teaching a foreign language. Yes as you
may have guessed it my school is attempting to blackmail me.
The teacher always loses, the school screws you and when you
try to fight back taking a day off and you don't get paid. They
clearly broke the contract, promising a visa after two months
and not getting a visa until half your contract has passed.
Ofcourse leaving you to work illegally. They cancel your classes
with little or no warning and they blame you for forgetting when
it is really them that forgot. They rob you of a social life by
making you work odd hours and days leaving no time to see
friends. Their shallow interest in the world make for the WORST
friends and BEST enemies.



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