Teaching English Culture

Once again that season is upon us again where shops around

the world have all sorts of things about christmas. Honestly
I didn't really know what was going on here in Taiping until
I walked into the Mitsukoshi department store here in
Taizhong - Oh yes I guess christmas is comming!

I was asked recently to think of some christmas games to play
with the children. Why does it have to be focused around
christmas? I do believe in the necessity of introducing culture
to teach foriegn languages. I do not disagree with using christmas
as ONE of those holidays BUT I DO disagree with using ONLY
christian holidays. To me this is an insult to me and the other
millions of non-christians followers out there. Sure English
teachers may try to argue that christmas is traditionally English
but English is such a disverse language and accepts words
from many other languages and even accepts cultures. Also
English is so widely spoken by so many people who just do not
give a damn about christmas.

I continue to teach English to be as diversified a language as
possible hoping to create more global understanding amoung
people of different cultures.



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