Foriegn Teachers vs Asian teachers

A Chinese friend once told me that foriegn English teachers are

supposed to be kind, gentle and make the students laugh. This
is the general thinking of most Asian students. Asian teachers
on the other hand tend to be stricter with thier students. I will
never forget the comment made by a former collegue of mine
who said how much he respected me in that I took the best of
both the foreign teacher and the Asian teacher and used them
both in the classroom. He further said that the foriegn teachers
tend to know how to stimulate their classes but they were hardly
ever strict with their students, while an Asian teacher would be
so strict but would lack ideas to stimulate their classes. This was
one the greatest things I have heard about me especially after
having being fired for being "too Chinese" looking. I remember
how some students would say how much they liked me but they
also said that I was just too strict.
I finally came to accept that maybe it is true that there perhaps
is a difference between foriegn and Asian teachers and that
although I was brought up in Canada I do tend to have more
Asian traits than foriegn traits despite an education mainly in



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