Africa AIDS Fund

I came across an interesting website the other day called the

Africa AIDS Fund. It is a US based NGO whom believe Africa's
AIDS epidemic poses a global threat to world health, which
according to the United Nations Committee on AIDS (UNAIDS)
by 2025, 90,000,000 Africans will die of AIDS.
Their plan, to send millions of units of an AIDS preventive drug
called, Genvia, to help stop the spread of AIDS. Genvia has
broad-spectrum activity against viruses, bacteria and spores.
It does not cure any disease but acts as a preventative measure.

From what I have read, it could be a break through in regards
to a female STD preventative measure but on the other hand
I wonder what if any are the long term or even short term side
effects are of using genvia. Can it be used as a contraceptive?
and I wonder if so is it reversable?

Apparently, the drug is approved by the Ministry of Health in
the People's Republic of China and recently the Republic of
Liberia has recently granted the Africa AIDS Fund official
representatives and the Philipines is curently reviewing and
taking the new Liberian law under advisement.

I wonder if this new drug may just become a habit and just
become a way of life for many in the developing world. I always
thought that if proper education about health were to be carried
out that health related diseases like AIDS could be reduced.
I remember when the avian influenza was taking toll on much
of South-East Asia Vietnam was one of the first places that
quickly brought the situation under control by way of a
nation-wide campaign focusing on education and hygiene.



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