Amateur Radio

It has been over 12 years I took the amateur radio test in Canada,
after one call-sign change from VE7EIH I have had VE7ZAI ever
since. Since the new revisions by Industry Canada were
implemented I have never paid a single licence renewal fee. I am
ofcourse enjoying this delight very much especially since I don't
get a chance to get on the airwaves as much anymore. I think the
last time that I really enjoyed myself on the airwaves was in Japan
when I operated JA6GVM from Himeshima, Oita. The pleasures
of talking to people around the world using a mobile rig with only
a long wire antenna and 10 watts power! Ofcourse the second
delight was the fact that I was only one of three active DX
amateur radio operators on this remote little island of just
under 3000 people.

Well times are changing and I do try to get on the air whenever
possible. Last year, I acquired the cables for the THD7A (G)
portable transciever in order to allow me to set up a packet
station, I had some problems in acquiring the appropriate
software for Canada so I was forced to let the project go for
now, since I am in Taiwan at the moment. Hopefully, I will
be able to get back on the air one day.



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