Image vs Qualifications

From my experience working in Asia as a English language teacher

I am quite confident to say that Image precedes Qualifications in
most cases.
It is a very sad fact but it is the case everywhere in every country
but more prevalent in Asia. The difference may be very suttle but
still I believe it is there. School administration will never admit it
but it is implied through actions. There will never be strong words
like "fired", "white", "race", or any other words that may imply
"hatred" just a suttle brushing away of the subject matter anything
to avoid the subject will often be done. The truth may or may
never come out boiling away hidden underneath people's skins.

At one school I was never told that I was fired, at the end of one
month they just handed me my pay and complemented me on
being such a great teacher but the parents on the other hand
had a "grudge", or something "against" me. Obvilously they
were trying to brush it off of themselves and put the accountablity
on "someone" else, which is often the case in these situations.
Later the truth came out in what apparently was meant to be a
joke (definately not in my view), "Why don't you color your

Who takes the accountability? No one really in my view. The
accountability is always brushed under the table and onto
"someone" else's side of the table.



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