New Portfolio

I am in the process of issuing or I should say re-issuing an artist
portfolio/catalogue of works soon. The first time I had trouble
with embedding the Japanese fonts. This time I managed to
re-design and the layout in Corel Draw 11. I am planning to have
an on-line version complete with links as well as the printable
Adobe PDF version ready by next month.

But I have first things first, my passport needs renewing. Not
that it is comming up for renewal but for anyone who has been
to China, Chinese visas are oversized taking up an entire page.
After having been in and out of China for the past two years I
have acculmuated my fair share and now I no longer have
pages left.

Since I have dual citizenship I thought why not leave Taiwan
on the Canadian passport, entering Japan on an American
passport and turning around and returning to Taiwan on an
American passport I couldn't see any trouble in it - completely
legal but after thinking about it I think I prefer to travel on a
Canadian passport just in case the USA is ever targeted again
and I become a victim of America's (or maybe it is better to
say Bush's) problems in the world.

The benefits of having two passports, and the consequences,
too perhaps!
If necessary you can play I spy, especially for me being
Japanese-American - Whose side are you on? or... It wasn't
me..... which one would you like to see ???
Government red-tape, you can't fight it but we can certainly
always have fun with it.

Well I might as well renew now rather than next year (when
my passport officially expires) as passport renewal services
are probably going to go up again.



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